My first Harley

I am so excited today and last night, John went down to RI and picked up my first Harley-Davidson! A beautiful 1992 Harley-Davidson Sportster with two tone Turquoise (which is my favorite color) and White paint scheme. While we were in RI last weekend we were speaking with a gentleman who is an old family friend of John’s dad. I telling him about how I felt ready to step up to a larger and faster bike but how I wanted it to still be a smaller bike.  He said “I have the bike for you”. When we went with him to see it I couldn’t believe it is it was perfect in every way! From the size of the bike to the colors and the beautiful accents and condition. I felt a connection with the bike as soon as I sat on it and knew it was a special machine. He purchased it brand new in 1992 and cherished it all these years. He felt it was time to part with it and I feel blessed the he chose me to sell it to me. He knew that John and I would take loving care of it as well. Jesse is also a Vietnam vet and is a great man. Thank you so much Jesse and John for making a dream come true for me- my first Harley! Now I just need to put on my Grave Robber Gear and go riding! 🏍🇺🇸🙌

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